Your Awakening Is Your Gift To The World

Every day the world advances in technology more and more.

Wealth portals are more accessible than ever before, and opportunities for monetary gain just a click away. America has more millionaires than Sweden has people, and yet most people are still unhappy, angry, depressed, or greedy. Why is that?

The simple answer is that we have not awakened to our gifts. We no longer understand how to tap into our authentic selves. We struggle every day to hear ourselves think, and the constant chaos and brain waves in the atmosphere make it nearly impossible for us to listen to that inner voice deep within. We are living robots running on empty and no longer have the energy to make time for what truly matters? Our spirit is wanting to be set free.

So, how does one awaken to a life of genuine lasting inner peace?


You have to know who you are, trust in your abilities, and walk in your truth. As the unhappiness grows on this planet, more of us are beginning to realize that something is not right, and we are struggling to find a way to live a life of freedom, love, provision, and happiness.

To be awakened is to be confident in who you are and to understand the gifts you possess. In essence, you recognize what you’re good at, pursue what brings you joy, and find a way to share your gifts with the world. You may feel lost and doubtful about your purpose, and your life may look like a long dark road of unfulfilling jobs, tattered relationships, or failed businesses. And if that is true for you, then its time for a paradigm shift. Quiet yourself long enough to hear yourself speak and listen carefully to your heart.

We are meant to understand the benefits of our gifts and use them in conjunction with our passion.


This is when awakening occurs. This is what it looks like to fulfill your life purpose, walk with spirit, and walk with the Creator as a creator. When you awaken, there is no greater feeling in the world. You begin to finally move to the beat of your own drum and live life on your terms.


What have you been awakened to recently?

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Nathan Goldsmith
Nathan Goldsmith
7 months ago

That’s encouraging

Nathan Goldsmith
Nathan Goldsmith
7 months ago
Reply to  nativeborne

Yea, Thank you! You both are truly inspiring. With other social media outlets plagued with so much conspiracy theories and mind blowing total disrespect and disregard. You all created something special indeed. So I sincerely thank you both.

"The Meaning Of Life Is To Find Your Gift. The Purpose Of Life Is To Give It Away."
- Pablo Picasso

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