Travel Expands My Mind

Travel has expanded my mind more than any book or internet article could ever do.

My family and I love to explore new and diverse places. Through this method, I have gained knowledge and insights that changed my life and will continue to change my life forever. Coming into contact with other cultures makes me challenge my assumptions and consider different life perspectives.

Through my travels, I see the world as one-melting pot of human beings trying to make the best out of life with the cards they’ve been dealt.


I choose to listen more and speak less, which makes me less judgmental and more compassionate. I enjoy real-life lessons about history, politics, and art from one person to another. As a result, I think more creatively and adapt to unexpected situations. I learn from real-world scenarios, whether figuring out bus schedules or deciphering a restaurant menu. I dine at beautiful high-end restaurants but also eat with my hands in delicious local establishments. I practice basic foreign conversational tactics when speaking to a local, which challenges me to embrace the environment that I am in.

  • I make new friends. I sign up for walking tours and chat with strangers at coffee shops. I stay in touch through social media and WhatsApp.
  • I disconnect from the world when I am spending time with family and friends. I visit the local farmer’s market, attend conferences, and make a point to join travel groups and meetups.
  • I learn more about myself. I discover new talents and strengths when I venture into unfamiliar places. I build my confidence and courage.
  • I research my destination before I leave home. Anticipation is part of the pleasure. I learn about restaurants and historical sites that I want to visit.

Today, I look for opportunities to travel near and far. Each trip I take sharpens my mind and makes my life more interesting.

How has traveling enhance your physical and mental health?

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"All good things are wild and free."

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