“You 2 are a blessing.”

I just wanted to say that you 2 are a blessing. I love and watch many of your videos. You might not realize it sometimes, but you have given a real connection and true understanding of Ghana 🇬🇭 to a LOT of people including me that might have aspirations of visiting there. Thank you for taking the time to inform and educate us. It’s appreciated more than you know. I love your spirit and your beautiful family, and wish you continued blessings and success in your journey. Much love family.

— Brad.C.

“Your information and content is quite helpful”

Thank you my brother and sister. Your information and content is quite helpful. Continued blessings and success to you & you family.

— Chinwendu.C.

I appreciate your honesty and willingness to share. I wish more women (people)were more comfortable talking about sexuality and forms of birth control. I live a natural lifestyle too and while not married have decided to practice abstinence for now because I recognize that there are not very many safe, healthy options out there as alternatives to all the chemical laden forms of birth control. Whenever I decide to come off of my abstinence stint, I’ll check out the lady comp. Thanks for sharing!!
— ILoveMyTribe

“Beautiful video.”

Beautiful video my brother, very inspiring. I know what you mean about creativity and the income streams. My wife is in Kenya and that is my destination. Working hard to make that happen. Thanks again

— Joshall.I.

“I am living life watching your videos.”

Brilliant, Once again. Summed up courting time in 32 minutes. The enjoyable thing about your videos is the flow. It seems like I am living life watching your videos. Many a time, I like to waste time by watching videos, but yours sets a precedence in youtube video consumption. I am married with 3 kids, but surprisingly, I am still learning from the younger generation. This is wonderful stuff. Keep flowing guys. I must add, your kids are lovely. Oh!! least I forget, my kids are not kids anymore.. they are adults, so they think. Well done!!!

— Ufuoma.O.


“Beautiful Character.”

man i am addicted to your videos, got so much respect for both of yall, you have such an infectious beautiful character.

— Justcallme Mugo

“I Love These Guys!”

...Once again(I know y'all are tired of me saying this)...but I LOVE THESE GUYS; THIS COUPLE! Every young African couple who live and work in Africa, or intend to live and work in Africa, should be watching this...and asking themselves WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE!!!!

— Victor.S.

You are such a lovely couple and family. Thoroughly enjoyed listening to your experiences and look forward to more of your videos.

"Keep it coming"

your videos are nice .. there is no over-excitement . Everything is portrayed in a cool and subtle way. You guys are enjoying the tits and bits of life and that is cool. Keep it coming .

— Jihad.VV.


"Ya'll are truly inspiring"

Y’all shoulda seen me laughing and giggling during this video like I was there talking to y’all. Lmao I’m so glad I watched this video. Y’all are truly inspiring and you can feel and see the love you have for each other and for your family. True role models for Black love. .....especially our children and young adults. We need more like you. Our people need to see this. Too much despair in the world. Excellent video. I truly enjoyed every minute. 🙏🏾🙏🏾💙


"I learn a lot from this channel"

Thank you for sharing this video, I didn't even know that arm bands exist. I sure will try them out. I really learn A lot from this channel. You have an awesome family. 👍👍👍 GOD BLESS YOU ABUNDANTLY.

— Moy Moy.



"I hope my daughters can find a good young brother like John"

I love you guys channel, you're a beautiful young couple. I hope my daughters can find a good young brother like John. Keep up what you're doing you're a great husband and father. You're a lucky man !! By the way I love your theme song, is that Jeffrey Osborne ? What is that song ???

— Mike Shep.



"Beautiful Family"

Wow, beautiful love story. I couldn't stop smiling the whole time. May Our Abba continue to bless you and your beautiful family.

— He Knows!!!!

"I am blown away"

Your family is so beautiful, Your wife is stunning, your kids are lovely, stay blessed brother, you guys have done so much educating your kids with culture etc. I am blown away

— Koke Fran

"Feel like we could be brother ND sister"

Greetings ur videos are so inspiring I love everyone I've watched... Your family is awesome just watching I feel like I'm apart of ur journey there in Ghana 😍 Keep on keeping on stay strong for ur family I see so much good in yuh nd ur wife such a beautiful couple I feel so much spirit vibes from yuh it all most feel like we could be brother ND sister 🤗

— PeLeana. Moses-Lewis

"What social media should be"

@nativeborne family, you embody the definition of what social media should be! #positivevibes

— livewiseinc (instagram)

"How to become a celebrity over night"

Can you make a tutorial about how to become a celebrity over night? Lol ya’ll got everybody falling in love with y’all. I wish there was a favorite people on YouTube and IG award y’all would win it big time.

— pro20cial_alliance (instagram)


"Never be ashamed of a scar. It simply means you were stronger than whatever tried to hurt you." - unknown