The Lady Comp Review

We have been using this method of birth control for over and year and a half. With over 15 years of marriage and five children, we finally found the method that works best for us. Check out the video and see what we thought about this awesome device!

Natural Family Planning encourages us to be stewards and ministers of our fertility rather than opponents and manipulators of it. ~ The Four Keys To Everlasting Love

Check out this Fertility Charting site and App. It's incredibly helpful:

The Lady-Comp fertility computers still use the proven fertility algorithm that has been trusted by women around the world for more than 28 years!

Prices are set at $445.00 for the Lady-Comp, $545.00 for the Lady-Comp Baby, and $330 for Daysy.

Order your Lady Comp at the following link: HERE

Get the Daysy: HERE


– Past, present and forecasted fertility shown on a monthly calendar
– Menstruation forecast for future months
– Cycle statistics including average cycle length, temperature rise, ovulation range, and length of luteal phase
– Temperature curve includes temperature, M-inputs, fertility stays and moon phase on an easy to read graph
– Add your own personal notes to any day
– Adjustable brightness and volume, even choose your alarm melody
– Runs on standard or rechargeable AAA batteries
– View your cycle details and charts right on your Lady-Comp or PC!


Lady-Comp Baby

– All of the above, plus…
– Track sexual intercourse
– Gender prediction (can be turned on and off)
– Displays number of planning hits and gender probability
– Indication of hormonal imbalances
– Early pregnancy indication and confirmation
– Accurate conception date and expected delivery date
– Use for natural pregnancy prevention after birth
– And don’t forget: View all your data right on your Lady-Comp Baby or PC!



Daysy – personal fertility tracker

– Fertility tracker that uses the fertility awareness method 

-Learn and track your menstrual cycle.
– Daysy shows you the days you are fertile or not.
Plan a pregnancy or use a hormone-free, barrier method to prevent a pregnancy.
– Calculate your fertile window – with an accuracy of 99.4% from day one!
– And don’t forget: View all your data right on your Lady-Comp Baby or PC!


What natural form of birth control do you use? Tell us your testimony below.