Why You Should Surround Yourself Around Positive People.


According to Jim Rohn, an American motivational speaker, and entrepreneur,

“You spend most of your time with same five people on average.”

What does this mean? It means that those people have a great impact on your life. By keeping these facts in mind, you should think about the people with whom you spend the most time with.


Some people can be noisy, aggressive or just plain irritating to your intellect and physical health. They suck the very life from you, including your happiness, strength, and perhaps your resources. For example, to compare them with a blood sucking vampire: They will suck the life out of you until all remains is a hollow shell of nothingness. Ehh! Just throw some smiles and sunshine their way and they will be sure to vanish. Just look around you: These types will take away your positive energy and replace it with a lump of coal. They leave us exhausted, stagnant, depressed, and drained. Beware of the doom and gloom they will bring your way —they can wreak havoc on your life. How do you know if you are surrounding yourself around the negative types? Let’s look at a few examples.

They may be:

– Overly dramatic
– Living everyone else’s lives for them and being overly critical.
– Never being satisfied and always finding something to complain about
– Never attempting to look at life through the eyes of another. Their way is the ONLY way period,
point blank.
– Argumentative. Even in menial situations. They live to argue over the simplest of things.
– Unable to take no for an answer. It’s their way or the highway.
– Always seem to see life as the “glass is half empty.” Always negative.
– Never taking responsibility for their own actions. They love to play the blame game.


These are the type of folks you need to steer clear of. They will be sure to make you age fast and live short. So, what makes someone a “Good or Great” person with whom you can spend meaningful and quality time with? And what could be the ultimate benefits to having these people in your life? “Good People” When you think of a “good” person, what comes to mind? Maybe they are a saint who walks around with a halo above their head. Or maybe they have forsaken all of life’s delights and delicacies living on top of a high mountain just to get closer to God. Nothing is wrong with this notion of course, but let’s bring it down a notch. A “good” person does not have to be someone out of this world, but it can be someone just as normal as you or me.


They can be your:

– Friends
– Family members
– Coworkers
– People you meet in a coffee shop etc

Good people don’t have to be saints; the only thing that makes them a good person is their motive. For example, they would help a friend or even a stranger in need even if it was no personal benefit to them. In the workplace, people who are focused and determined are generally more productive. You may want to surround yourself with these kinds of folks. They are organized, stick to their schedules, and also they are not distracted from their goals. Someone who is honest and tactful is good to be around because they will not sugar coat situations for you. They tell it like it is but in a very compassionate and considerate manner. Good people are not malicious, self-serving, or self-righteous.


They will always:

– Be supportive and will give you positive directions
– Inspire you to be a better person
– Give you the motivation to achieve your goals
– Offer you the opportunity to make the necessary changes to be successful
– Give you advice that will enrich your life

Think of the people you spend the most time with. Notice the characteristics of the people you spend most of the time. Now think about how they interact and influence you.


Just ask yourself these below-mentioned questions:

– Are they happy or positive people?
– Do they encourage you to achieve your goals?
– Are they supportive?
– Do they make you feel attractive or good about yourself?
– Do you feel happy and excited after spending time with them?

If you answered “YES” to these questions, you might already be surrounded by good and kind people. These are they kind of people you need in your life.
What Does “Good” Mean to You? It is important to note that the “GOOD” does not necessarily mean someone who is similar to you. I have learned in my life journey that too much of the same thing can slow down growth. You should have a healthy desire to absorb knowledge and different perspectives from those different than you. People are different; shocking huh? With the amount of diversity we have on this planet from a cultural, spiritual, psychological and physical standpoint, we cannot expect for all of us to view life through the same lens. Your idea of spirituality and cultural norms can differ from the next person, but the key is to find people who are a good match for you.

So What Do You Do Next?

So What Do You Do Next?

Remember that like attracts like. You should be confident and have a positive attitude towards your goals and your overall life path. You must be unapologetically yourself. Don’t go through life trying to please everyone and neglecting who you are and what you love. This includes friendships and romance.

If you are undoubtedly yourself, you will not feel as though you have wasted time trying to become someone for everyone else. Your confidence, honesty, and integrity will be a breath of fresh air. Be yourself and you will attract others who are honestly themselves as well. This is a good match on any level. You may also have to practice forgiveness. It is time to leave negativity, bitterness, and grief at the door. If you are surrounded by good people, you are surrounded by life. You will find yourself less stressed and you will experience more joy in your life. Make a commitment from today to begin to spend more time with good people. As Karl Marx once said,

“Surround yourself with people who make you happy, people who make you laugh, help you when you need them, people who really care, they are worth keeping in your life, everyone else is just passing through.”


Who are some of the people in your life that you enjoy being around, and why?