How Raw Food Will Change Your Life!

I am utterly convinced that the Raw Food lifestyle is by far the best and most wholesome diet on the planet. This is evident from the countless testimonies of the curing of diseases, reversing the signs of aging, and increases in energy. Some even refer to the Raw food diet as “the fountain of youth.” I challenge myself on occasion to consume a “raw food only” diet since it helps me to keep my flesh under subjection. 

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Raw Food causes the body shift into place and everything gets realigned, which leaves you feeling healthier, lighter, and more vibrant. I embarked on my raw food journey for one month. I noticed I began to feel lighter (like a feather), my skin and eyes became clearer, and my excess weight melted away without the least bit of effort. About 2 weeks into my raw food journey I remember having the taste of metal in my mouth. It was the weirdest thing. No matter what food I ate, this metallic taste lingered and I became very concerned and frightened to say the least.


After I had conducted some research, I determined that this metallic taste was none other than chemicals, which were discharging itself from my body. Yes! The Raw Food diet is that strong. Toxins and chemicals begin to starve and exit your body through every opening including the mouth.

The Vitamix has helped me tremendously on my Raw Food Journey. It  is a versatile high-speed blender capable of making a variety of different foods, including delicious smoothies, healthy shakes, hot soups, fresh ice cream, and lots more. It can grind whole grains into flour and make coleslaw from cabbage in about 3 seconds. Unlike regular blenders, the Vitamix will not choke on frozen or pulpy fruits. I’ve owned a Vitamix for about 10 years now, and it is still my #1 most essential kitchen appliance. I use my Vitamix every morning to make healthy green smoothies. It’s not cheap, but it provides tremendous value and is well worth the price.

The raw food challenge truly changed my life for the better, it has truly taught me how to be more disciplined, focused, and more self-aware. If anyone wanted to do this particular fast, I would suggest to not stress yourself out, don’t feel overwhelmed. Remember, maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle is essential to living a healthier life. In addition, exercising helps to strengthen your entire body, increase endurance, stamina, and strength. When these methods are forged together, they create a concoction that will turn you into a true “powerhouse.”

When you consume food in its true natural state, all the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids and essential fats remain intact. Being a vegan or vegetarian is a great first step to moving closer to raw foods but be careful to NOT cook all of the nutrients out of your vegetables and fruits. You NEED raw fruits, veggies, fresh pressed juice, etc., to truly see a change. In addition, if you are looking for the first step to transition to a more raw food based diet, then you can start with a vegan diet, which will greatly help you on your path.

Here is a little food for thought. Did you know that one of the largest contributors to premature aging is too much bread? I am not saying that you should never have a slice of freshly baked bread or a baked apple pie, but it is imperative that we begin to incorporate more raw foods into our diet. Animals in the wild that live off of greens do not have a lack of fats or nutrition in their diet. Most animals begin to accumulate health issues once “man” places them in zoos or keeps them as pets. This is because they eat the same unhealthy and processed foods that the majority of humans eat.


Raw vegan food gives us all the nutrition we need, it is not an opinion, it’s a fact. Increase your Raw Food intake and you will see a dramatic change in the way your body looks and feel. Are you unhappy with your current health conditions? Are you battling a disease? Do you have fatigue? Body aches? Headaches? Cramping? Constipation? Being overweight? Underweight? Implementing more Raw Food in your diet is a quick and easy way to begin your healing TODAY!

Have you tried the Raw Food Diet? If so, how did it change your health? What are some tips you can give to help others in the Raw Food Journey?