Eating For Pregnancy


ating the right foods will dramatically alter your conception, pregnancy, and birthing experiences as a whole. For instance, women who have eaten a totally raw food diet during the course of their pregnancy, have been known to have extremely easy and/or totally painless childbirths.

Stay away from eating too much processed and/or junk food. The most obvious effect of eating junk food before or during pregnancy is infertility or excessive maternal weight gain. Overweight and obese women have a significantly higher risk of serious complications such as high blood pressure, pregnancy-induced hypertension, gestational diabetes, miscarriage, pre-term labor, stillbirth and an increase in birth defects. Eating high amounts of raw fruits and vegetables will ensure you and your baby will get adequate amounts of nutrients and vitamins.

Taking synthetic vitamins can work harmfully against your body. Synthetic vitamins can cause extreme constipation, nausea, and fatigue. Synthetic vitamins are chemical compounds that have been manufactured in laboratories to copy or mimic the molecular structure of real plants.


Unfortunately, the body cannot properly utilize synthetic vitamins because they are missing cofactors such as enzymes and other vitamins in order to work properly. Therefore, synthetic vitamins cannot be expected to do the job real vitamins are intended to do. Worse, synthetic vitamins can actually cause problems. Without the co-factors needed to metabolize these vitamins, the body locates the needed co-factors in body tissues, organs, bones, and muscles. This can deplete the body of other important vitamins and nutrients in a big hurry.


In addition to eating a high raw fruit and vegetable diet, you should supplement your health plan with organic herbs and tinctures such as saw palmetto, dong quai, wild yam root, red raspberry leaf, motherwort, etc. These can help you increase fertility, alleviate morning sickness, ease the discomfort of pregnancy, increase your iron deficiency and much more. Some of these remedies when in conjunction with each other haven been known to assist with conception and help labor
progress quickly and efficiently.



Healthy living, nutritious food, and a positive mindset is the best way for women to achieve the best pregnancy and childbirth possible.


Mommies, list some of the healthy recipes and herbs you have used during pregnancy.