7 new forms of thought that will change your life forever!


How badly do you want to improve and change your life? How many times have you studied guides about personal improvement and success? How many articles and publications in general have you read? Research, planning and having positive thoughts are crucial aspects in your journey to a happy and successful life, however, they are not the only weapons in your arsenal that you can use. If you keep on reading on self-help guides, you might never get the kind of success you desire since there will be limited time to act upon the advice offered.

Looking for some advice is not a bad thing, but in order for it to work in your life, you have to take initiative and act upon it. Every thought we have either gets us closer to our goals and desires or pulls us away from them. This means that, every thought we have may either have a positive or negative impact on our lives. The kinds of words that you keep telling yourself or hear from other people have a tendency of influencing your behavior and emotions. Here are 7 ways of using your thoughts to get positive results.


1. Avoid using words such as can’t

Instead of using these kinds of words, look for self-motivational ones such as “I can.” Boost your confidence by also avoiding words like “hopefully” or “maybe.” These words tell a lot, by using them, you are simply telling yourself “I would like to but I can’t.”


2. Remove the word “hate” from your vocabulary

Instead of constantly using phrases like “I hate it when it happens” try going for a more positive approach like “I love it when it does.” If you take these small steps in changing your speech, you will see a massive improvement in terms of the kind of outcome you get.


3. Start and end conversations on a high note

This is crucial, especially when using social media. It is very important that the last word you type to someone generates some positivity. Try words like “keep smiling” or “cheers.” Since you wrote it, you will get something from it. The effect of these kinds of words will reach the recipient and bring joy to the person as well.


4. Begin and end your day with positive thoughts

Before you go to bed, make sure you appreciate yourself. When you wake up always try to start your day on a high note. Think of happy thoughts like “Today is a good day, and I am going to make the best out of it.”


5. Look for the good in everything and everyone

Perhaps one of the most beneficial aspects of having a positive mindset is that you see the good in everything and everyone. Keep encouraging yourself and others as well. Offer compliments and be ready to receive some too. Taking time to appreciate others will not only boost your morale but also will go a long way in brightening your day and everyone around you as well. There are over 1001 ways of seeing the best in others, be it family or friends. So take that bold step, do away with negativity, and become victorious.


6. Whenever you find yourself in a bad situation, use affirming statements to get your mood back up.

This plays a huge role in self-motivation. When you find yourself in a bad situation or feeling sad, always take a deep breath and start seeing the positives in your life. Tell yourself “I feel happy and healthy today.” You will notice how quickly your mood changes.


7. Keep your focus on your goals

The most important thing to do is always keep your focus on your goals. The journey is not easy, but you make it harder by dwelling on what does not benefit you. Always focus on the bigger prize. Using your own words to generate positive thoughts is something that you can start today and completely change your life. It will cost you no money and won’t waste your time in any way.



Research, planning, and having positive thoughts are crucial aspects in your journey to a happy and successful life. It only requires a little effort, and everything else will fall into place. If you keep your mind free from any negativity, there will be no obstacle to stop you from your pursuit of success.


What are some of the techniques that you utilize in order to change your life for the better?