20 Beautiful Affirmations To Jumpstart Your Spirit!

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Affirmations are powerful, life-forming tools that will absolutely change your life. Speaking affirmations to your life daily, especially in the morning will lay the foundation to how the rest of your day will operate. It’s like a prayer. Every day we show gratitude, gratefulness, appreciation and purpose when we are fortunate enough to open our eyes to a new day. We are blessed. Affirmations have not only been known to change the circumstances around us, but also change the attitude within ourselves. This is a spirit and character building exercise that some of the most successful and inspiring people use around the world.


Try speaking these affirmations while looking into the mirror. You will speak this powerful change directly to the person who matters most; YOU!


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1. Today, I welcome happiness and joy into my heart. I am overflowing with
appreciation, energy and bliss.


2. I have been given extraordinary gifts and talents which I will invest in and cultivate
every day of my life.


3. I am loved, respected and appreciated.


4. Today, I forgive myself for all the mistakes I have made. These life-lessons, have
made me stronger and wiser.


5. My life is abundant and prosperous. My thoughts act as a sponge which absorbs
positivity and love.


6. There is no obstacle that I cannot tackle. My abilities are limitless and my potential is

7. Each day I am greeted with a Kiss from the Sun. I will show peace, gratitude and love
on this special day.


8. My soul is at peace; My body is vibrant and healthy; My mind is a brilliant


9. I love who I am, and who I am, is enough.


10. Negative thoughts and low-vibrational behaviors are beneath me.


11. The Universe is working on my behalf. Everything is coming together for my ultimate


12. I am divinely in tune with my spirit. I am divinely in tune with nature. My spirit and I
are one.


13. I face my obstacles with excitement and enthusiasm. I am clearing my path for greatness.


14. My fears have transformed into opportunities I use to challenge myself.


15. I am at peace with myself and my personal journey.


16. This too shall pass.


17. I am the ruler of my temple and the master of my mind. I choose to focus on the
positive and the beauty in people, places and opportunities.


18. The only limitations are the ones I place on myself.


19. I am filled with love, confidence, adventure and passion.


20. I am the writer of my own life story, and my story is just beginning.


What are some of affirmations that you use in your every day life?