John C Maxwell's book "Developing the Leader Within You" is direct, thought-provoking and introspective. It focuses on the biblical foundation of leadership. It causes a personal reflection to determine your strengths, weaknesses, and character. Every time you read this book, you will learn something new that you may have missed previously. If you have a heart towards the healing of this world, then you are in essence a leader. Everyone in this world leads in some way, whether over the home or over a business. This book will equip you to improve your leadership skills and inspire others.


This book kept me from going crazy when I first started my company. Instead of endless, boring meetings, we meet with purpose. This shows you exactly what types of meetings to have and how to run them. Takes less than 2 hours to read but will save you at least that much every week. n Lencioni’s Death by Meeting, he explains that meetings lack drama, context and purpose. The book is written as a leadership fable. It is the story of Casey McDaniel who is a kind and gracious boss, but doesn’t know how to lead a meeting if his job depended on it. Much to his chagrin, a new superior tells him that he job does depend on his meeting performance. The story follows Casey and his young advisor Will Peterson as they come up with a meeting philosophy.

Lencioni proposes that all meetings need context. He comes up with four meeting types that help shape the context for each.


Every time I pick up this book, I've learned something new about leadership. This is a fable-based book (which is true for most of Lencioni's books) and makes this an easy read. This powerful book highlights the five significant dysfunctions of typical teams and what is needed to fix them.