I Thought I Was A Failure... But I Was Changing

2019 through 2020 taught me to embrace and take advantage of change. Change is a constant in life. Even though change can be scary, I finally learned how to utilize it.

Change provides many opportunities for adventure, abundance, and personal growth. Most of the positive things in my life come about when something changes.

Everything in life shifts, and failing to embrace this idea can lead to pain and heartache. By accepting change, I learned to reduce most of the unhappiness from my life. I now expect change because it is a part of life’s journey. I seek it rather than avoid it.

So I’m going to speak very candidly right now. There were times I felt like a complete and utter failure. Business ideas did not product the outcome we expected, our autistic son seemed to be regressing instead of progressing, and we became increasingly unsure about where to make roots.I’m going to pinpoint all of the unwanted public changes/failures that occurred throughout the last couple of years in my life.

Firstly, while traveling in Asia, we were in talks with an associate in Ghana about getting our citizenship.​

 We were very excited because our family was among those on the list, possibly getting citizenship. In the midst of our excitement, we posted a video about this to the Native Borne Community. After the post, we were told from our associate that our citizenship wasn’t concrete and that we should remove the video. So, of course, we took it down. We should have known better than to post it, but we were overly excited. Then time passed, and the more we conversed behind the scenes, the more we learned that our citizenship was not definite. It wouldn’t have mattered whether we returned to Ghana or not. After that, instead of trying to return to Ghana from Asia early, we kept our original plan to return in 2020. Approximately 250 people were told they were getting citizenship, but when the time came, only 134 received it. We never received a concrete confirmation of getting our citizenship, and we will never know if we were among the chosen. Because of this, we decided that it would be wise for us to stick to our original plan and leave for Ghana later.

The second change is when Safiyyah went back to the States for work.​

 Everything was taken care of for her back at home in Connecticut and she would only work for a few months. We agreed that this would be an excellent way to make extra income. Unfortunately, Safiyyah got hurt while at work. Literally, one day she woke up and her body from the waist down was 75% numb. Safiyyah created a video that you can check out here. She went to the emergency room, received physical therapy, and once her body began to heal, she met up with us in Indonesia.

Now let's talk about Covid. The third change came when Covid knocked most of us off of our business game.

The amount of projects we were looking forward to implementing has stopped dead in its tracks. Firstly, we opened The Native Borne Relocation Blueprint Tour. This is something we were super excited about and would give us the chance to meet some of the Native Borne Tribe. People made their investments and were ready to make the trip to experience the culture, beauty, and various living opportunities in Ghana. Once we realized it wasn’t realistic to make this trip happen due to the pandemic, we returned everyone’s money. We will have to wait to see if we can relaunch the tour in the next year or two.

Then we have the Native Borne Foundation. Safiyyah and I began this foundation for our son Yahshua.

As we planned to return back to Ghana, we felt that creating something which revolves around our special needs son would be a beautiful contribution for him and other children like him in Ghana. We have gotten great support from the Native Borne Family, and we hoped to get the school established by the end of 2020. Unfortunately, the donations were stagnant, and with COVID, our timeline has become even more impractical. But we appreciate those who helped us to raise over $4900. We are still hoping and holding on to build a program for special needs children in Ghana. But, for any reason, if this becomes an impossibility, we will be returning the funds to those who donated just like we returned the money to those who booked the tour.

Lastly, we were finally on our way back to Ghana! We left Malaysia to catch a connecting flight from Thailand.


We had a 4-day layover, so we booked an Airbnb until it was our time to go. The very next day, Ghana shut down their borders, and our flight was canceled due to COVID. At this time we’re thinking, how much more could happen? This was the last thing we expected, but it is what it is.

Now, I know everything I'm talking about sounds like a sad story but hang in there because it's not. Everything we have been going through from 2019 through 2020 has been an awakening towards a higher purpose.

In the midst of all that was happening, there was one constant in our lives that never changed. There was a grounding force at work that kept us stable and secure.

When everything else seemed to fail around us, our tribe continually acquired our goods and services. They never wavered. The time that Safiyyah went back to America for work was a time when we were making enough income, and we were the most comfortable in our business than ever before. But our minds were trained to believe that we needed more. We thought we should have a job to fall back on just in case. Our consultation services, affiliate programs, course, and merchandise, finally afforded us the life we were hoping for, but we still didn’t feel stable enough.

Many of you, asked us, “where are your videos? You’re not posting as much.” And there is a couple of reasons why.

1. We were working for those who paid for our services behind the scenes.

2. Vlogging and editing videos became very time-consuming, and I am passionate about spending more time with my wife and children in a more holistic way and not having to have a camera in their faces at all times.

3. We have an autistic son, who requires much more attention than the average child, and days are very draining at times.

4. We’ve been preparing a business launch for the past several months that will soon help our community on a more consistent level.

5. While we were on a bit of a hiatus, I began school for digital cinematography, and Safiyyah and I invested in our digital entrepreneurship education.

6. Lastly, we decided it was time to change the brand of Native Borne. And this was a big deal. We will begin creating more videos geared to teaching people how to achieve a life around the concept of Family Freedom and Happiness. We decided to shift our one-on-one consultations into a membership community, so more people can gain access on a platform built to offer more information consistently.


When Safiyyah and I began to focus on helping people achieve their plans for travel and working remotely, more blessings began to open up for us.

We began to realize what the ancestors, spirit-guides- and the Most-high truly wanted from us for the first time in our lives. That purpose is to help others put family first, live life on their terms, and find meaning by sharing their soul-work with the world.

We shut down our website, re-branded it, and created free-valuable life-changing content.

We are creating a positive online platform for people to chat with one another and keep each other accountable. We are helping people create a solid plan that moves from the mind to online, and develop a complete life-vision for themselves. We have put all of our failures and successes into a cohesive course so that others who desire to live a digital nomad lifestyle can have support and strategies to do so.

So now ya’ll see where our brand is heading, and I couldn’t be more excited.

Now, back to the topic of change.

Change has allowed me to benefit from the opportunities that come my way during times of uncertainty.

Change is synonymous with opportunity. I embrace and take advantage of the chance to experience something different. I create a new and better direction in my life when I am open to learning and growing.

When I am struggling with change or so-called missed opportunities, I quickly shift my focus. I stop thinking about what I am losing and start searching for what I am gaining.

Throughout history, the wealthiest people have been those that positioned themselves to accept and leverage the changes in society. If you want to be successful, you must learn how to adapt to change readily.

Today, I welcome my process of transformation. I look for ways to use change to my advantage, and I look forward to the great adventures ahead.

To the Native Borne Family, I have a few questions for you and would love to see the answers in the comments.

1. In what ways has change positively affected your life?
2. How can you change your attitude when you perceive change in a negative way?
3. What would you gain by fully embracing change in your life?

I hope that you were able to gain some insight today. And remember the naysayers the doubters will always come for you on the road towards your dreams. Be prepared to fail because that’s inevitable. But never give up. Keep going until you get it right. Continue being optimistic about life. As long as you learn from the lessons that life places before you, the universe will have no choice but to give what you’ve been working for.

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9 months ago

You all are brave , persevering souls who will be rewarded abundantly!

“It doesn't matter how many times you have failed, you only have to be right once.”
Mark Cuban

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