UPDATE! Thank you to everyone who has completed the pre-travel questionnaire. We value the time and energy it took to fill out each form. We have a few modifications we would like to bring to your attention. But first, we would like to mention how we are super excited about the Native Borne Group Tour happening in February 2019 (exact date to be determined). We are currently in the planning stages and will be updating you all soon. We are excited to see you guys face-to-face.

Now, in regards to the pre-travel questionnaire, Safiyyah and I have been discussing how we would like to conduct ourselves in relation to tourism. Due to our busy schedule as parents and content creators, we will NOT be offering personal one-on-one travel services; instead, to make our job more efficient, we are in a pending partnership with travel experts who will be assisting those of you who will be visiting Ghana.

Even though we would love to meet each and every one of you, as you can imagine, our availability is limited due to other responsibilities.

With that being said, we do make an effort to meet our viewers, but we cannot make any guarantees. If you have any further questions or comments, please email us at www.nativeborne@gmail.com, and we will try our best to email you promptly.

Thank You,

Love J &S

~ See you on the other side

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