Kimbro's goal is to assist African-American readers in the development and thought process necessary to help them achieve prosperity. He describes the tremendous financial achievements that were made in history but understands that we have just scratched the surface. He studied the real methods of African-American millionaires and analyzed how they came about their success. This book is a must read for those looking to take back control of their destiny and invest in their God-given potential.


"Rich Dad, Poor Dad," should be considered an overview of an investment/startup company; not necessarily step by steps tips on becoming an entrepreneur. Robert Kiyosaki highlights six key lessons. Some lessons were given to him by his "poor" dad (real dad), and other points are given to him by is "rich" dad. The rich dad helped him understand the general concept of starting a business and becoming wealthy.

-The rich don’t work for money

-The importance of financial literacy

-Minding your own business

-Taxes and corporations

-The rich invent money

-The need to work to learn and not to work for money


Dave Ramsey describes EntreLeadership as a successful entrepreneur who is also a leader. No matter how small your idea or business is, it will never get started if you don't make moves and make it happen. You have to understand the importance of how you communicate with others, the proper way to delegate and the organization of tasks. Ramsey lays down the basic ideas that are needed to move into a place of real leadership and how to pair it with intense motivation.


To be perfectly honest, This is one book which I must recommend with a disclaimer: I wasn't "feeling" about half of this book. The other half makes up for it TREMENDOUSLY! This book taught me how to delegate and is one of the reasons why I have been able to master the art of maintaining a place of authority over my life. For that, I will always be thankful.


Daymond tells you the secrets that made him amazingly successful and how you can do the same. He places the spotlight on 15 other successful people within his book, all with their own chapter and each of them interpreting how they Rise and Grind.

How will you be able to get things done if you don’t rise? There have been some studies that have shown that 90% of top executives wake up before 6 am. What’s the point in climbing if you won’t grind? What's the point? With the blessing of technology and the benefit of the internet, you can get your grind on any time, day or night.


This FREE book is about 4-stages of the journey from Employee to Entrepreneur. Every new entrepreneur should read this to get to know the strategies to become your own boss.

Sometimes we are just a moment or step away from success, but we ruin it because of our internal fear.

This is what Anik’s book eSCAPE is about. It's the complete strategy to master ourselves and master entrepreneurship.