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Before you send us your questions please read the following...

First, we LOVE that you’re taking the time to learn as much as possibe and we appreciate that you value our opinion.  Second, we’ve been overwhelmed and humbled by the number of people that reach out to us every single day for advice on moving to Ghana,  how we make money while traveling, and other requests for individualized help. 

Because most of our inquiries are Ghana related, it’s important to note that we currently DO NOT live in Ghana. We lived in Ghana for approximately four years and after that we began traveling in Asia for over a year. We were literally on our way back to Ghana when Covid-19 hit and our flight was cancelled; we are currently in Thailand.

Since Covid, a lot has changed for us, and our lives have been led in a different direction. For now we will continue to be a family of nomads and when we are back in Ghana, we will inform you.

Unfortunately, we can’t provide detailed email responses to every request for individualized help.  BUT, we have three different options if you have specific questions!

First, check out our Youtube channel and read through our blog posts!  We have over 100 videos and we’re revving up our blog posts!  We think you’ll find them both very useful and we may have already covered your question in one of the two! 

Second, if we haven’t already covered what you’re interested in learning, shoot us an email with your ideas for a video or article!  We love getting content ideas from our subscribers.  Usually, when we see enough people asking us the same types of questions – we know it’s time to create a video (or a blog post) on the topic! 

Finally, if you’ve gone through the options above and you still want us to provide you with individualized attention, maybe a consultation is the best choice for you. Also, we make a point to respond to all of our Patreon Family. 

The short answer is “yes and no” . . . let me elaborate!  We are not professional travel consultants and everyone’s personal situations and circumstances are vastly different. However, we offer a Relocation Blueprint Course which covers general questions about traveling internationally which may help. Also we have more than 50,000 subscribers on our YouTube channel.  Our subscribers are from all around the world and they actively comment on all of our videos!  If you have questions about travel, leave a comment/question in one of our YouTube videos. You might be pleasantly surprised by the responses! 

We love when we get to meet up with our awesome Tribe.  Because of Instagram and YouTube, we’ve gotten to meet up with a lot of incredible people.  But . . . and this is a big BUT. We only meet up with people that we’ve been communicating back and forth with for a really long time (typically via patreon).   This is for safety purposes.  Since we get so many requests to meet up in person with people we don’t know, it’s our way to get to know them prior to meeting up.  We know you’re probably not a psycho . . . but do we really know 😉?  You know what I mean? Safety first! 

At this time, we are not collabing with other YouTubers. Some of ya’ll may have noticed that we are posting a lot less on YouTube. This is deliberate. All of our energy has been focused on rebranding Native Borne, focusing on our courses, building an exclusive community and helping other people create a location independent life for themselves. But I will add, that we are currently looking to interview “experts” in a particular field of interest. If you want to learn more click here.

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