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So you want to learn a little more about us? Well, we’re touched, and we hope you’re prepared for an adventure… His name is John, and my name is Safiyyah, and as a family of 7, we’ve gone on exploits, taken some risks, and grew tremendously as a family and business unit. Rather than go through it all now, take a gander around the blog, check out our reality videos and have a cup of tea. We look forward to getting to know you better. 🙂



Our personal journey began with finding love through friendship, fun, marriage, and intimacy. We were high-school sweethearts from different high schools. We married at the age of 19 and 21 and later had 5 beautiful children. The both of us were born and raised in the State of Connecticut and then decided to move from the confines of our comfort zone and explore various destinations around the world. Through this transition, we also began examining the beauty, adventures, and challenges of family life, marriage, and personal growth. This growth has both challenged us and changed us. Each experience whether it be disheartening or uplifting has brought us closer to our goal of purposeful living.


John & Safiyyah. 17 and 19 years old. Hartford, Connecticut.


We are the founders of the Native Borne website. This blog is us doing our best to share our life lessons with you. If your goal is to live life passionately, then we are gonna get along just fine. We are dreamers and doers. Our goal is to document our journey as we follow our purpose, and we would like to help you do the same. We want you to know it is never too late to figure out who you are and what you want to become in life. We are living proof of that; even with 5 children. It can be done ya’ll.

You can see our progression via our family vlog. We have learned a lot of tips throughout our journey, and we desire to share with you all that we have discovered, including our pitfalls.


 As online entrepreneurs, We’ve experimented, failed and sometimes succeeded.


We document our personal growth, life-experiences, business tips, and various travel destinations. We have determined that online marketing is a great way to earn an income as world travelers/digital nomads. We realized it wasn't meant for us to invest in a brick and mortar business. The upfront costs are too high, and the flexibility is too small.

Starting our own digital business has been surprisingly easy, thanks to the internet. With the help of the World Wide Web, we have access to people from all over the world, right from your our home.

Our goal is to produce content and recommend products that our audience will appreciate and relate to. We take a holistic approach to who we are as business people. We figured out our purpose and what we love in this life, and we market to our audience with that same passion and honesty.


Tip: Creating a digital holistic and purposeful business can give you a considerable income and all you have to do is learn some new skills. If you can read and write you can have a very successful online profession.


In a nutshell, our goal is to build professional and personal relationships while engaging in activities and opportunities that will bring us the most joy in life. Every day we strive to create a space that's inviting, inspirational, motivational and positive. We share intimate aspects of ourselves and our family to help others in a holistic and down-to-earth way.

See you in the Inner Circle ~ PEACE


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