About John & Safiyyah


John Christian

Family Man/Digital Creator/Speaker/Public Figure

I Can Travel Anywhere and Make It my Home. Life-long student, Music Is My Creative Outlet. Writer, Speaker, Digital-Creator, Husband, Family-Man.


Safiyyah Christian

Mom First/ Digital Media Strategist/Website Designer/ Certified Life Coach

Family First. Writer, Advisor, Digital Storyteller, Web Designer, Talkative Introvert and Seeker Of All Things Whimsical and Magical.

Hey. How are you?

Our primary intention is to show new and aspiring entrepreneurs how to transform their personal lives and their businesses to manifest more purpose, abundance, and freedom! We seek to inspire and provide information to help you build and grow your authentic online lifestyle, be present in the lives of the ones you love and find your tribe of Super-Fans to support your journey.

I am John and my wife Safiyyah and I are the founders of Native Borne.

Since the age of 16 and 18 we have continued our deep rooted friendship into that of lovers & life-partners.  And 20 years later our lives together have been a whirlwind of adventures taking us all around the world through hardships, blessings, adventures and successes .

People look at our family of seven and call most of what we do impossible and/or crazy. We continue to defy the odds, with our optimistic outlook on life, and desire to help others create a space for family freedom, and happiness.

We have always been and will always be conscious rebels, living life on our own terms and respectful disregard for societal norms and rules.

We took the time to create a “Life Vision” that helped us put our lives in perspective and challenge us to begin pursuing a life of meaning and purpose.

We firmly believe ANYONE can harness these simple sets of tools, gain clarity over what they truly want in life and achieve it without compromise or sacrifice.

We believe in Family, Freedom & Happiness. 

We believe prioritizing family is of the utmost importance towards a path of true success. Because what’s the point in achieving all of your dreams if you leave those you love behind. Right?

Learn to set up your business in an authentic way without overworking, while
you share your gifts & talents with other people, globally.

We will show you our “work smarter, not harder”, methods using
online technology to spread your message (and getting paid
well for this too!)

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